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A Guide to Having a Good Working Relationship with General Contractors


It is a big task to do a home remodel or space addition by yourself  Unless you have the tools and the skills, you will find that hiring a general contractor will be mandatory.   Having a good working relationship with a contractor will be enabled by following some tips.   Communication is the first important tip.   As soon as the project commences is when a good working relationship should be established.  Both the manager and the homeowner need to work on developing a good communication between them.  To keep up with the project's progress and to ask about any issue that came up, you need to visit the site daily.  Make sure you spend 10-15 minutes discussing with the contractor.  You should let the contractors know what you think about what they have done so far. Without communicating your feedback, Jackson Area Remodeler will not be able to know whether you are satisfied or not. Get the contractor's contact details so that in case you have queries you may call or text.


At any point in time you may have great ideas that will be important to the project, you should note them down.  This is because once you get a chance to communicate it to the contractor, it may vanish from your mind.  A notebook should always be available for writing down project matters.  The same notebook can be used for tracking progress of the project as records of delivery dates or other valuable information can enable this. The records such as delivery dates that were written down in the notebook can be used to track the project's progress later.   This records can later be used to communicate with the contractor.  Changes might occur as the project progresses.   It is wise to keep the changes in writing.  The original plan might undergo structural changes or changes of a product when the previous one becomes unavailable.  Make sure the contractor bids the changes before proceeding as the budget might go up.  An accurate description of the bid and its fixed price should be outlined by the contractor at http://gorbetconstructionllc.com/#!about-us.  Signing off of the new work order should be done by both the homeowner and the project manager before the project commences.


Allowance avoidance is another great tip.  Contractors bidding for a job may state a high budget. You may later come to find out that the actual cost of the budget should have been less than what you settled for.  Undetermined items could have been added to the budget by the contractor.  Doing shopping in advance will enable you avoid such allowances. Make the contractor know of the pieces you want to buy.